SAGE III Instrument

  1. Technical Details
  2. Table of Measurements

1 - SAGE III Instrument - Technical Details

The SAGE III instrument is a grating spectrometer that measures ultraviolet/visible energy. It relies upon the flight-proven designs used in the Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement (SAM I) and SAGE I and II instruments.

The new SAGE III design incorporates Charge Coupled Device (CCD) array detectors and a 16 bit A/D converter.

Combined, these devices allow for wavelength calibration, a self-consistent determination of the viewing geometry, lunar occultation measurements, and expanded wavelength coverage.

SAGE III sensor assembly is illustrated below and consists of pointing and imaging subsystems and a UV/visible spectrometer.

The pointing and imaging systems are employed to acquire light from either the Sun or Moon by vertically scanning across the object.

The spectrometer uses an 800 element CCD linear array to provide continuous spectral coverage between 290 and 1030 nm. Additional aerosol information is provided by a discrete photo-diode at 1550 nm.

This configuration enables SAGE III to make multiple measurements of absorption features of target gaseous species and multi-wavelength measurements of broadband extinction by aerosols.

The SAGE III instrument was developed and managed by NASA Langley Research Center and was built by Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO. Three copies were produced. One instrument is mounted on the Meteor-3M spacecraft and a second will be place in orbit on the International Space Station in 2005.

2 - SAGE III Instrument - Table of measurements

Product Name Vertical Coverage
Aerosol Extinction at 8 Wavelengths (solar) 0-40km
Water Vapor (H2O) Concentration 0-50km
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Concentration and Slant Path Column Amount 10-50km (10-50km slant path)
Nitrogen Trioxide (NO3) Concentration (lunar) 20-55km
Ozone (O3) Concentration and Slant Path Column Amount 6-85km (50-85km slant path)
Chlorine Dioxide(OClO) Concentration (lunar) 15-25km
Pressure Profile 0-85km
Temperature Profile (solar) 0-85km
Cloud Presence 6-30km