Structure of the HadRM3-PPE-UK Dataset


The HadRM3-PPE-UK dataset is available in a directory structure within the BADC archive. The archive structure is detailed below. Most users will be interested in the NetCDF version of the archive with informative file names. Note that each file contains one month of daily data. All months contain 30 days as the HadRM3 model uses a 360-day calendar.

The top-level directory is located at:


Note: All the paths listed on this page are available by the BADC Data Browser by adding the prefix For example:

PP-format Version

The original PP-files are located under:


The converted NetCDF with the original Met Office Unified Model file names are located under:


The sub-directories use the Met Office Unified Model run id names that are listed on the ensemble members page. Beneath each run id directory is an ape directory, representing the daily Unified Model stream.

File names follow the Met Office Unified Model Naming Convention document. For example:


NetCDF version

The converted NetCDF version of the archive mirrors the PP-format archive except for the directory um_nc

replacing um_pp and the file extension changing from .pp to .nc. For example:


NetCDF version - links with informative names

A set of directories and symbolic links have been set up with more informative names. These are located under the directory:


The full file paths follow the naming convention below:


For example:


With the following mappings: