AUTEX-WINTEX Data Providers Guide

File names. Data providers are kindly requested to follow the BADC file name convention. Additional rules apply to FAAM file names.
File format. If possible, please format your data in NetCDF, using the CF metadata conventions. NASA Ames formatted files are also accepted. If you wish to check that files are correctly formatted before uploading them please use the NetCDF format checker or the BADC NASA-Ames format checker.
Metadata. It is important that the data be well documented. Please follow the BADC guidelines regarding the submission of metadata.
Data submission. In order to submit data to the BADC, you should be registered with the relevant group – see Application for access to Data from FAAM Campaigns.

• FAAM core data: via the FAAM web uploader (access restricted to registered FAAM instrument operators).

• FAAM non-core data: via the AUTEX-WINTEX web uploader (access restricted to registered AUTEX-WINTEX participants). AUTEX-WINTEX Data Provider Guide