Useful Information for FAAM data users

* Access to data, documentation and software

  1. Where to find the data
    The FAAM data archive is HERE.

    – However, see the "Conditions of access" below if you want to access the FAAM data for the first time. –
    The FAAM archive contains Data, documentation and software supplied to the BADC by the FAAM and project teams, from where they can be viewed and downloaded.
  2. Conditions of access
    Data is collected on a project-by-project basis and may be subject to specific access conditions/restrictions although most processed core data and some non-core data are of publicly available (registration and application required - anyone can apply).
    For details of FAAM Campaigns and to apply for access please click HERE
  3. For easy reference, the FAAM flights schedule gives an overview of the past campaigns and test flights and the archive population table lists the flights and shows which files are present for each. These tables contain links to the data.
Both the FAAM facility and FAAM data should be properly referenced in any publications - see the citation section below for details

* Met Office Users


* NCAS Users

-Information coming soon

* Instructions to data providers

* Services

* Documentation and Tools

* Links to further or related information

* Citation

Please cite all FAAM data used in publications as follows:

* Who to contact

  • Any query regarding the data should be sent to the BADC help desk.